New & Used Roll-Off Trucks for Sale

When commercial and industrial customers across New England need a way to remove thousands of pounds of waste material, they turn to Beam Truck & Body for high quality new and used roll-off trucks. Beam’s inventory of roll off trucks offer the durability, convenience and affordability that customers need to keep their businesses running efficiently.

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Benefits of Roll-Off Trucks and Cans


  • Large capacity dumpsters and cans
  • Can be filled at customer's convenience
  • Not locked into a set schedule


  • Service multiple customers with one truck
  • Dumpsters and cans are extremely durable
  • Standard sizes allow you to expand your business easily

Uses for Roll-Off Cans & Dumpsters

Roll off trucks use rectangular cans & dumpsters with wheels and no top. These containers come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for working on the following types of jobs:

  • Construction sites
  • Demolition sites
  • Natural disaster sites

Things to Consider with Roll-Off Trucks

Size Requirements: Roll off trucks are large pieces of equipment, so be sure you have the space available to maneuver, store, and work on them.

Roll Off Operator Controls: The comfort and safety of your operator is paramount, so be sure that all controls are located where you want them.

Cover Systems: Improve gas mileage and prevent material from blowing out of your truck and heavy fines or penalties. Learn more on our Customization page.