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Experts in Full Service Truck Customization

Not happy with the way that your truck is setup? Beam Truck & Body can help with a full suite of services designed to set your truck up exactly the way that you want it. With over 80 years of combined experience, we've seen it all and can help you fine tune your expectations based on your application, your industry and your budget. Don't work harder… work smarter with Beam Truck & Body!

Our Services

Build Plan

Step one in the process is an in-depth conversation to discuss the things that you'd like done to your truck. This allows us to deliver a detailed build plan that outlines the time, cost and work to be done.

Beam Truck has a lot experience in the heavy hauling industry, and we pay a lot of attention to the comfort and safety of drivers. When they settle in for a day's work, we want them to to feel comfortable and protected when they're out on the road.


Off the shelf parts are fine, but often times the parts that you need for your project just don't exist. Luckily for you, our shop is fully stocked with all of the tools and talent necessary to fabricate durable, custom parts that fit your truck perfectly.

Component Upgrades

Add extra functionality to your truck with a wide array of components that help make your job easier. From cover systems and lighting to lift axles and pintle plates, Beam Truck has the experience installing and customizing components from a host of quality manufacturers that will last just as long as your truck.


Once fabrication and installation is complete, we can clean up your image with a fresh coat of paint to match your company color scheme and chrome accents. We know customers take a lot of pride in their trucks, so we go the extra mile and let the whole world see it!

Service & Maintenance

If your truck isn't operating as expected, call in the experts at Beam Truck and Body. Our full service & maintenance package can diagnose non-chassis related issues and suggest fixes that will get you back out on the road. We service all makes and models problems such as blown hydraulic lines, broken locks, etc.

Popular Upgrades

  • Hydraulic Tanks
    Change the placement of your hydraulics tanks and systems to make the job easier
  • Toolbox
    Choose the position & style of toolbox for your truck
  • Covering Systems
    Systems from Wastequip, Pioneer, Roll-Rite, A.L.C., American and Aeroforce available
  • Short Stops
    Choose the position, location and any additional customizations you require
  • Back-Up Cameras
    See what's behind you to add safety and convenience to your work
  • LED Lighting
    Make the job easier and safer with work or task lighting
  • Steel or Plastic Fenders
    Choose the style of fender that suits your particular industry / application
  • Pintle Plate
    Customize your pintle plate with any hitch / recessed light bars / stainless steel option
  • Toter Lifters / Cart Dumpers
    Add functionality to your rear loader and keep your driver healthy
  • Overhead Reeving / Winches
    Make your job safer with the right container handling equipment on your truck
  • Lift Axles
    Increase your truck's payload with lift axles to support a larger maximum allowable gross weight
  • Custom Colors
    Ensure your trucks match your company's color scheme
  • Hooklift attachments
    Add more functionality to your hook-lift truck with upgrades like those listed here


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