The Beam Truck Team

Why Choose Beam Truck & Body?

Our mission is to provide unparalleled support to our customers by providing superior services and equipment as their business changes and grows. Everyday, we strive to be the vendor of choice for the industries we serve.

We understand your industry and your needs

Over 80 years of combined experience

We understand and appreciate what you do and how hard it is to get it done efficiently and in a cost effective manner. We have experience building trucks for the solid waste Industry, the construction industry, the landscape industry as well as the special waste industry. We understand what safety means to you and the costs associated with equipment that is not set up with your employees safety in mind.

We love what we do

Our team loves what they do and enjoy seeing a finely finished end-product. It shows in the end and in the long-term performance.

We service what we sell

We won't leave you hanging in your time of need when you need parts and service. We understand that if we don't keep you satisfied someone else will.

We're experts in customization

We will work closely with you to achieve your needs on your truck. Placement of everything from air controls, tool boxes, hydraulic tanks and controls, pintle hitches, glad hands, light bars, lift axles, short stops, container handling devices, cart tippers and many more will allow you to get the truck you want for the long term.

Driver Satisfaction

How a truck is set up has a direct effect on driver performance. We will work closely with your drivers to ensure that all components are set up to suit their needs. We understand that the cab of the truck is the driver's home-away-from-home for half the day and ease of use can make the difference between a good day and a bad one.

We build trucks that we'd want to use ourselves

Quality of fit and finish

We don't just apply a top coat to your truck, we use a multi-step process before the final color is applied to ensure that the final product will look good and last for years. We prep and clean everything to ensure adhesion, sand down the entire unit to clean up rough edges and scruff up the primed surface, re-prime the entire unit and use a high-quality two-part urethane top coat for gloss and protection. If a sealer is needed on your project it is applied as well. We will apply top coat in the colors you need to fit your company image. This process takes time but will result in a superior longer lasting finish.

Mount quality

We tend to over-build our trucks because we know that this equipment is a massive long-term investment and that down-time can be super costly costing you money, lost time and potentially lost customers. Extra mounting plates, extra steel thickness, high tensile fasteners, extra welds extra gussets are our motto.

Build quality

As with most projects the smallest details are most likely the most important long-term details. Proper securement and routing of wiring, proper hydraulic hose securement and routing, tank and toolbox placement are all part of what we focus on here to ensure that your truck stays on the route. An inch here, an inch there can make the difference in quality and usability.

Components that set the Industry Standard

Parker Tough Cover hydraulic hoses are the best option for the industries we serve. The covering is highly abrasion resistant and the crimps won't fail over time. Parker/Chesea PTO's are engineered to provide performance under severe conditions.


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